Smartcool's ECO3 is installed between the thermostat and the compressor in order to collect data, analyse and then optimize how the two are interacting.

The result is an average 20% saving on energy (kWh) used by the compressor. This lowers your utility bills, giving you a payback in 12 to 36 months depending on how large your cooling system is and how much it runs.

The more cooling you use, the more Smartcool can save you on your electricity bill.

Smartcool's unique retrofit device can be installed on any air conditioning or refrigeration unit with one or two compressors. Smartcool's unique proprietary software reduces compressor runtime and energy usage by an average 30%, saving companies and consumers money and increasing profitability. The most significant feature of the new ECO3 is its ability to save energy on the cooling and heating cycles of compressor driven heat pumps, significantly increasing the opportunity for energy savings. With its IP64 enclosure rating and simple installation process, the ECO3 can be installed quickly in virtually any location without additional and often costly protection from the elements. Once installed, the large display screen of the ECO3 allows for easy monitoring of the amount of energy it is saving for the customer.

The ECO3 achieves this energy efficiency gain by interfacing directly between the existing primary controller and the compressor to determine how often the compressor will run. By reducing the compressor's overall run time, the ECO3 saves an average of up to 30% FIVAC energy consumption while maintaining temperature and humidity requirements and without any impact on manufacturers' warranties. In many cases the ECO3 may actually extend compressor life and reduce maintenance costs by improving the compressor's overall performance and reducing its run time. At any time, the ECO3 can be put into manual bypass, and in the event of any malfunction the unit automatically fails to safe.

The ECO3 is available in two different models, as the ECO3 - Single or the ECO3 Dual. The Single is compatible with single compressor air conditioning and refrigeration systems, while the Dual is compatible with any air conditioning system with two compressors. Both models comply with several standards around the world, including Australian standards, ISO 9001, UL in the US and Canada, and CE in Europe. Smartcool provides a one year manufacturer's warranty on all ECO3 units. 

Smartcool ECO3 Benefits

Smartcool ECO3 is a green retrofit product that makes air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump (HVAC) systems much more energy efficient. The ECO3 saves, on average, 30% of the run time used by compressors. Air conditioning is responsible for approximately 50% of the energy used so improving the compressor efficiency with the Smartcool's ECO3 gives customers substantial savings. Customers generally see a return on their investment anywhere between 6 and 18 months, all with Smartcool's no risk technology.

The Smartcool ECO3 helps commercial, industrial and residential customers become more energy efficient, save money and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

ECO3 Key Benefits

• Superb Economics - The ECO3 reduces energy costs, increase profits and satisfy ever-increasing demands to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

• Energy Efficiency - Reduces compressor run times by, on average, 30% resulting in substantial energy savings.

• Rapid Payback - Return on investment between 6 and 24 months.

• No Risk - The ECO3 will not allow "short cycling" and ensures warranty compliance by controlling the off times of the compressor. Because the ECO3 is no more invasive than a thermostat there are no issues with the compressor's warranty. The ECO3 will fail to safe and can also be manually bypassed. The product has no impact on temperature. We have a 100% money back guarantee. That's truly a No Risk situation!

• Ease of Installation - The ECO3 interfaces with and does not replace the existing air conditioning, heat pump and refrigeration controls. Installations are completed by a qualified technician in less than two hours without any system interruption.

• Savings Verification - Because the ECO3 product complements, but does not replace the primary controls, an accurate evaluation of the performance can be measured at any time after installation by switching the ECO3 off and comparing the data with a similar period with the ECO3 operating.

• Reduced Maintenance - Reduces compressor run time by 20-45% will helps extend the life of the compressor. Therefore the ECO3 provides cost reductions to both operating and capital budgets.

• Proven Track Record - Thousands of ECO3 units have been installed since the product launch in early 2009. The technology has undergone some very demanding third party testing and evaluations and has demonstrated significant energy savings in every test.