Revolutionary Wind Technology

The Wind Array Turbine System (WATS) technology consists of several, diverse, yet inter-related pieces of technology combining the fields of aerodynamics, power electronics and digital control into a seamless range of products.

Air Blades

Air Blades were designed using analytical, computational fluid dynamics and empirical techniques. The blades were tested at various wind speeds to provide optimal cut-in speeds without compromising the power output at higher wind speeds. Air Blades are manufactured using high-tech composite materials designed to provide stiffness at a small weight.

The Air Blades are assembled in a hub/seat assembly that allows field configurability of three, five or seven blades enabling the installer to optimize your turbine for the wind regime present at the installation site.


This innovative electronic module is the unique enabler in taking highly variable power from an array of wind turbines and converting it to a uniform source of energy useable by most off-the-shelf grid-tie inverters.


As the turbine experiences higher than 35 MPH winds, AutoFurlz enables the system to reduce the energy incident on the turbine and hence provide inherent control and safety without taking away the ability of the turbine to continue to generate
valuable electrical energy.

Smart GearBox

JLM has implemented a unique gearing mechanism developed specifically for using an array of wind turbines. The SmartGearbox implements an entire gearing mechanism using smart micro-controller technology.


This unique module is an integrated electromagnetic braking system designed to slow down the turbine at high winds. However, unlike our competitor's systems, it does not reduce the output of the turbine to zero or bring the turbine to a complete stop.

von Karman Vortez Stabilization

Using patented technology, we have the ability to improve the performance of our wind turbines by 20% to 30% using sails that stabilize the von Karman vortices.